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Change your life by changing your environment.

We all face stress and challenges at times, but we all can use our environment to create more success and satisfaction in our lives. Here are 7 tips to inspire you to live your best life at home, at work and at play:

  1. Go Outside. Don’t eat your lunch at your desk. Get up and get out and take advantage of Bermuda’s picturesque environment! If you are stuck inside at a desk all day, you can miss the benefits of getting some sun, fresh air and a little circulation boost which can make a world of difference to your day and your overall wellbeing. Taking breaks actually assists in productivity and allows us to focus more intently, creating overall efficiency. If your day didn’t get off to a great start, you can decide to start the day over again once you’ve come back from a rejuvenating break.

  2. Ground Yourself. Every good electrician knows that being grounded can save your life! Metaphorically speaking this is true too. When you feel out of balance, you can take a little time to get centered and ground yourself. One way to do this is to place both feet firmly on the floor. This can be done anywhere: at your desk, at the beach, in the grass. It is effective with your shoes on and even more so with them off. Breathe, be mindful, and pay attention to the sensation of connecting your feet with the ground. Focus on your feet on the ground and your breath for a few minutes. This is a simple and effective tool to get back to feeling balanced.

  3. Bring the Outside In. You can also enhance your wellbeing by bringing live plants into your environment. The beauty of the plants can have a positive effect on your mind and the plants themselves will clean the inside air. Colors affect our moods; in color psychology green symbolizes renewal and growth and has a calming effect on us. So even when the weather is bad, you can benefit from getting your dose of nature without having to compromise on safety and comfort.

  4. Surround Yourself with Beauty. Being mindful of the beauty around us can bring more satisfaction to our lives. No matter what’s in your wallet you can do things to create more beauty around you. Pick wildflowers and place them artistically in a jar, vase or mug. Start a daily practice of keeping a gratitude journal, noting all the things of beauty at home and at work. Get creative. Being mindful of all the beauty around us can bring needed perspective when life seems too hard.

  5. Change Your Location. If you are working or living in a high stress environment or situation, it can be helpful to move somewhere else to re-group. This could mean taking a quick bathroom break to remove yourself from negative energy, or going home for a quick breather before getting back into the groove of work. Five minutes of peace in a new space can change the trajectory of your whole day.

  6. Do a Clean Sweep. Having a messy and cluttered environment can cause unnecessary stress in your life. Take some time to clear your desk, car or bedroom. You will be amazed at how transformational it can be to be in a neat, clean environment. Japanese de-cluttering guru Mari Kondo has created a million-dollar business of bringing joy to people through her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Use her principals to create happiness in your environment by only keeping things that bring you joy. You might realize how little you need to be happy and save (or make) money in the process!

  7. Take Some Time to Breathe. We are lucky to live in an environment where the air is still quite clean. Wherever you are when you start feeling stressed or overwhelmed, stop and breathe. One effective technique for managing anxiety caused by stress is called the 4-7-8 breathing technique or “the relaxing breath”. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 7 and breathe out for a count of 8. Repeating this causes your physiology to change so that your body ceases being in fight or flight mode. This technique is also very useful for calming yourself before you go to sleep at night when your mind is racing after a particularly stressful day. Just breathe!

Jessica Lightbourne, Coach

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