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Dr. Leonard Astwood earned his BA degree in Psychology from Indiana University in 1986, and then completed a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology in 1988 at the same school. In 1999 he completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston. Leonard works with a diverse range of clients, groups, and psychological testing.

Leonard is available in the evenings and Saturdays.

In his spare time he likes to sail, and do wood working. Leonard is a co-owner of Thrive.

Jenni Paradine-Paul AIC, CPT, Pn1, Pn2 

Jenni is an Associate Integral Coach, and the Director of Opportunity at Thrive.  She has studied at Integral Coaching Canada, The Psychology of Eating Institute, Precision Nutrition. Jenni became a coach because she loves the forward movement that it brings to people’s lives.  The Integral Coaching method allows clients to see their way in the world, and the parts of that way that are currently hidden from them.  Clients explore a new way of being for that topic and build new ‘muscle’ and skills to help them achieve this, bridging the current and the new way.  This bridge brings about change that endure, and are whole and complete.  Jenni is a co-owner of Thrive.


Richard Bassett is a Certified Coach who helps people achieve goals, navigate life's transitions, and improve their lives. Richard began Coaching clients privately in 2011 and then as a Coach/EAP Counselor at Benedict Associates in 2012.
An ability to really listen to clients and solve problems, has enabled Richard to help clients navigate through challenges and transform their lives. 

Semora K. Wellman MSc received her Master’s degree in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy from the University of Salford, Manchester, England. Semora holds extensive experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults were she combines traditional talk therapy along with therapeutic interventions in order for clients to achieve personal growth.  Semora has acquired her professional designation as an Associate Counselor of Alcohol and other Drugs (ACAD) in order to better support clients who struggle with Addictive behaviours and other co-occurring disorders.

Dr. Christine Rhodes is an Internationally Certified Addictions Counsellor and an Certified Clinical Supervisor. Christine completed a Master’s degree in Addiction Counselling from Hazelden Graduate School Christine most recently completed a PhD in Human Services with specialisation in Counselling from Walden’s College of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Christine is the Lead Addiction Counselor for Thrive. Currently she is teaching in the UK and is available via videoconferencing at Thrive . Please call to set up an appointment.  

Richelle Richards

I consider myself an Artist, Teacher and Psychotherapist. I have a B.A. in Art Education which I used to teach primary and middle school art for over 15 years. Additionally, I hold a M.A. in Art Therapy from the University of Derby. As an Art Psychotherapist I have had a wide spectrum of experiences working in the U.S., U.K. and here in Bermuda. 

In essences, I seek to function as a support in your personal healing process. My goal is not to offer you advice, but to help you find your own voice. The cultivation of a mindful and compassionate approach is at the heart of my offerings.

Ric Hoskins MA is an integrative psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. Ric earned his Master’s Degree in Relationship Therapy from the University of Hull England. Since 2012, he has been working extensively in the British Armed Forces and “Relate”, a UK leading relationship therapeutic provider. Ric works with individuals, families and couples including same sex relationships. He has had successes in many areas, specifically working with couples where there are feelings of betrayal. He helps men and woman struggling with out of control behaviours. Ric's time with the army allows him to understand the dynamics of families and individuals that move to the island for work, and are adjusting to life in a new environment. Ric works predominately online (Zoom) as well as face to face when in Bermuda.


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